We want to understand your business then align an IT strategy to your business goals.

SvetovanjeThis evolution in our business model is a response to the major shifts that have occurred in the IT market over the last few years, particularly:

• the need for a “big picture” strategic view to be taken of the IT infrastructure, rather than just focusing on individual islands of technology
• the need for a multi-disciplinary perspective that takes into account risk management, compliance obligations and alignment of IT with business objectives
• the need for IT departments to consistently demonstrate a strong ROI (The Return On Investment) to the business units and measurable continuous improvement
• the need for risk management and protection of business information.

Pronid knows how in demanding market conditions in the rapid growth of information technology for their client to find the best IT strategy for achieving its business goals. Considering a range of factors that affect or will affect the efficiency of our clients’ business. Our goal is an innovative long-term development of IT strategy for your business.

A Holistic Approach to IT
IT svetovanje

Not so long ago, IT departments could segment infrastructure into neat silos. Decisions to acquire new technology could safely be made within each silo based on straightforward price / performance / functionality metrics. As technology has evolved and become easier to integrate, things have changed, and silos no longer provide a workable analytical framework. Information technology has become a regular member in businesses. Today information technology plays an important role in the daily work in most businesses, which provides operation of up to 90 percent of operations in different business processes. Therefore, decisions about any component of the IT infrastructure can have a significant impact on other critical aspects of the overall picture.
Only holistic approach in IT establishes complete and efficiently workable infrastructure of company.

A Broader Perspective

IT now operates in a broader corporate compliance framework increasingly driven by IT Governance requirements, information security, and risk management.
These factors are at least as important as the technology issues when considering the best approach to DR, data management and business continuity — but this is alien territory for many IT departments.

• What is IT Governance, and what do your auditors expect?
• What security policies and procedures do you need?
• How do you draft them?
• How do you create a risk register?
• And how do you find the time to do all this?

SvetovanjeThe business units’ expectations of what IT delivers are now sky high. Resolving these challenges are the core of what we do. We help you see the “big picture”. We develop “joined up” IT strategies for the different pieces of your infrastructure. And we have extensive practical experience of tackling the hard stuff — DR and Business Continuity, risk management, IT Governance, security policies and procedures, and developing and implementing practical ITSM regimes.