Projects and implementations of IT infrastructure


Project and implementations of IT infrastructureInformation infrastructure of company is system of hardware and software solutions, which is information base of company and supporting mutual activity of business processes. In companies IT infrastructure is a key meaning at guaranteeing connection for basic business processes, effective activity of single division and security of business data.

Correct established information infrastructure saves material and technical funds for performance of basic tasks of company. Therefore in a choice of information solutions and of technologies very important to consider all request of company at automation of a business process, proportion of expenses and profit at implementation of information technology.

Projekti in implementacije informacijske infrastruktureDesigning and delivering a reliable infrastructure that supports any business (which consists of servers, networking and PCs and notebooks) requires diligence, experience and expertise in a broad range of technologies.

Pronid system engineers has over 13 years experience designing, installing and maintaining servers, networks and computers to provide platforms that support the businesses that run on them.


Project and implementations of IT infrastructureUnderstanding how technology can best be applied to suit your business is something Pronid is great at.

This means that if you can tell us what you do and how you want to work, we can tell you how your technology infrastructure needs to be set up – what servers you need and how they should be configured, how your data should be accessed and protected, the types of PCs and notebooks you need and what networking infrastructure you need to connect your staff to your information.

We perform a comprehensive solutions IT infrastructure that take into account the possibility of development of modern technologies and are based on providing a full range of IT services for the effective functioning of business processes in your company.

We use reliable solutions to get business information to the people who need it – whether you have one office with a handful of users or a national, multi-office organisation supporting hundreds of users with complex remote access requirements.


Experience and certifications

In order for our clients to receive the best possible solutions, Pronid has established solid business partnerships with the industry’s leading IT vendors.

Certificates of our IT professionalsOur expert IT professionals hold tertiary certificates, diplomas, degrees, as well as Microsoft MCP and MCSE, HP ASE-MASE, Citrix CCA, Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional – CCNSP, certifications proving they have the expert skills and knowledge to work with the solutions we deliver.

Pronid has a unique team of happy, passionate and certified professionals who care about the work they do and the results they achieve.