IT service and maintenance


IT servis in vzdrževanjeRegular service and maintenance of IT infrastructure and software is the key to success in the business of each company. Computers, operating systems, application programs, communication equipment and all the IT infrastructure must always be fully functional and ensure the smooth operation of your business.
What happens if your network is down and no one is looking after the support issue?

You lose productivity ….

affect employee morale ….

and miss business opportunities.


Organizations must have the ability to identify and understand the critical of maintenance support so as to enhance their competitive positions. But because of the hidden complexity of today’s network infrastructure, many organizations have found maintaining their existing network to be a painful barrier to acquiring needed technologies as well as resources when problem arise.

A Common Mistake

IT servis in vdrževanje

Many organizations believe their network or server will not fail so easily as such precaution is always classified as not necessary. Response time is always an issue when problems arise – vendors will only response upon confirmation of service quote that might be at least a day and subject to engineer availability.
Once delivered, we recommend a service agreement is established to keep the new infrastructure running at optimum levels, and so support is on hand should you need it. Agreement of system support and maintenance of IT infrastructure enables you to focus on core business processes, strategic objectives and core business of your company and save up to 30 percent of the budget by reducing operating costs in the field of information technology.

Pronid ensure rectification success by using only certified and environment aware engineer who is assigned to your organization. By assigning specific engineer to your organization, not only will he be able to solve your IT issue in the shortest possible time but also serve as internal consultant to provide valuable advice on your infrastructure.