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The MES software solution is software that enables you to comprehensively manage and monitor your production, from raw material to product. The Business Information-System combines production line overview, work scheduling, reports, Tag bug reporting, security and much more. It includes all the key and additional functionality to make your production the most efficient.

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The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an information system that controls and monitors the manufacturing process of products. The overall objective of MES is to ensure that production processes are carried out efficiently. This objective is achieved by tracking and collecting accurate data on the entire production cycle in real time.

MES can operate in several functional areas: managing product definitions throughout the product life cycle, scheduling resources, executing orders and shipping, production analysis and downtime management for general equipment efficiency (OEE), product quality, or material tracking. The purpose of the production monitoring system is to enable the planning, control, analysis and management of the production process.

Reliable software helps you plan, make, manage and determine, helping you review available resources to help you plan optimally, make decisions based on process and employee data, optimally manage and monitor all production units in the plant, and monitor order status and setting a deadline for the execution of the contract.

MES-managed data is real-time, and it also provides reports of unexpected shutdowns and increases production productivity.

The software is built in Microsoft .NET and later access to the software is provided via the intranet.


OEE goal


The overall efficiency of equipment (OEE) is a measure of the performance of production (facilities, time and material) compared to its full potential in the periods planned. It determines the percentage of production time that is truly productive. The pictures above are an example of our software where we can give you an overview of the OEE of your production for one or more lines, different time periods and different products.

Overview of individual units in production

Unit overview

Unit overview

Inspection of individual units in production is very important. Using the software, you can determine the effectiveness of each line or unit. Using the Tag Error Reporting Registry, you can quickly spot an error on a unit and correct or remove it. The information system enables the smooth operation of production at the highest possible level and rapid error detection.